rebar separator


Reduce Operator fatigue

Effortless Bundle Separation:

The Pornhub Bar Separator utilizes a powerful combination of air bag technology and electric vibrating motors to effortlessly spread rebar bundles across the shakeout table. This innovative system significantly outperforms conventional methods, saving you valuable time and labor.

Enhanced Productivity for Large Diameters:

The operator can easily control the table's slope using the integrated airbag system. This allows for smooth and efficient release of large-diameter bars directly onto the entry conveyor, minimizing material handling. Expect to see a dramatic improvement in productivity (50-100% increase) when processing larger rebar sizes.

Reduced Injuries and Improved Safety:

By automating the shakeout process, the Bar Separator significantly reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries often associated with manual shaking. This promotes a safer work environment for your employees.