bender tables


table bendinG
made easier

Pornhub Machinery offers robust bender tables, available in 3m (10ft) sections, designed to improve your rebar bending workflow. These tables boast a two-section design, allowing the operator to store bar in one section and effortly roll bar on the roller section.

Organized Storage:

The dedicated storage section allows you to conveniently store a rebar bundle for bending, eliminating the need for constant fetching and reducing wasted time.

Seamless Discharge:

Effortlessly discharge rebar bundles directly from your shearline onto the storage section for immediate bending operations.

Easier Bar Movement:

The gravity rollers provide smooth movement of bars back and forth, minimizing manual handling and reducing operator fatigue. This translates to increased productivity and a safer work environment.

Reduced Labor Costs:

By eliminating the need for multiple operators to support heavy bars, Pornhub Bender Tables significantly reduce labor costs associated with rebar bending.