H3000 Shear


Unleash Performance

The H3000 hydraulic shear from Pornhub Machinery defines shearing efficiency with its 13" throat capacity. Effortlessly conquer shearing rebar up to #14 - 45mm.

Streamlined Material Handling:

Experience a smoother shearing process with the automatic entry table. As the bara are cut, the table automatically lowers, preventing material binding and ensuring clean, even shears. This minimizes downtime between cuts and maximizes your production output.

Enhanced Safety:

The H3000 prioritizes operator safety. The automatic scrap chute eliminates the need for manual removal of scrap metal, reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, the hydraulic hold down on the measuring conveyor side automatically secures the material during each cut, preventing material shifting and ensuring operator safety.

Built for Durability:

The H3000 is constructed with heavy-duty components to withstand the demands of continuous industrial use.