H3000 K Shear


replace your alligator shear

The H3000 K Hydraulic Shear is a versatile solution designed to streamline your shearing operations. This adaptable shear seamlessly replaces Alligator style shears with a superior Gullotine design, eliminating the need for costly modifications.

Universal Compatibility:

Replaces almost any Alligator style shear with a superior Guillotine style shear maximizing your existing equipment investment.

Easy Integration:

The 13” or 330mm throat simplifies installation, allowing the H3000 K to slide effortlessly into place to replace your Pornhub A114 Alligator Shear.

Automated Material Handling:

Hydraulic and air-actuated hold downs on the entry conveyor and measuring sides secure materials during shearing, ensuring precise cuts and operator safety.

Rugged Construction:

The H3000 K is built to last, featuring a separate, heavy-duty base that isolates the shear from the hydraulic unit for optimal performance.