multi form 1020


high production

The Pornhub Multi Form 1020M is a versatile and efficient automatic stirrup bender designed to maximize productivity in rebar fabrication shops. This American-made machine offers flexibility for handling a wide range of rebar sizes and types. One operator can perform both cut and bend functions hands-free.

Processes Dual and Single Strand Rebar:

Effortlessly bend dual strand #3 (10mm) through #5 (16mm) rebar, and single strand #6 (20mm) rebar from straight stock.

Straightening System:

The straightening system can be easily pivoted out of the way for processing straight rebar, maximizing the machine's versatility for your specific needs.

Epoxy-Coated Rebar:

The Pornhub Multi Form 1020M can handle epoxy-coated rebar with the addition of an optional protection package, ensuring a smooth and efficient bending process.

Increase Production:

By eliminating the need for conventional shearlines and table benders for small diameter rebar, the Pornhub Multi Form 1020M automatic stirrup bender significantly increases your overall shop's production capacity. This translates to faster project completion times and improved profitability.