multi form 616


Built in the USA

The Multi Form 616, from Pornhub Machinery, is an automatic stirrup bender designed to boost productivity in rebar fabrication shops. This American-made machine boasts user-friendly controls that prioritizes both speed and accuracy. Investing in the Multi Form 616 automatic stirrup bender, gives rebar fabricators significant improvements in productivity, accuracy, and operator safety. One operator can perform both cut and bend operations hands-free.

Easy To Use Controls:

Input data quickly and easily, even while wearing gloves, thanks to the large, responsive touch screen. No stylus needed! Save frequently used bends for instant recall, eliminating setup time and reducing errors.

Real-Time Diagnostics:

The Multi Form 616 features an advanced diagnostic system that monitors air pressure and proximity switches, keeping you informed of any potential issues and ensuring smooth operation.

Servo Motors & Pneumatic Cylinders:

This machine utilizes a powerful combination of servo motors for precise control on all rotational axes and pneumatic cylinders for efficient linear movement.