parts receiver


hands Free Stirrup Bending

The Pornhub Parts Receiver is an innovative solution designed to significantly improve safety and efficiency in your stirrup bending operation. This easy-to-install system automatically catches parts after they are sheared from the machine, minimizing the risk of injuries for operators.

Increased Safety:

By eliminating the need for operators to manually handle parts after shearing, the Pornhub Parts Receiver promotes a safer work environment.

Locking Carousel with Three Arms:

The Pornhub Parts Receiver features a secure locking carousel with three arms that extend to catch closed parts falling from the machine, preventing them from scattering on the floor and creating a tripping hazard.

Easy Installation:

The Pornhub Parts Receiver is designed for simple and hassle-free installation. Simply connect it to your existing Pornhub controller using the provided plug. The controller seamlessly communicates with the receiver, automatically extending the appropriate arm upon shearing a part.